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March 2 blog

Put These 3 Tired Wedding Reception Traditions to Bed for Good

Our in-the-know DJs at Toast & Jam have been to thousands of wedding receptions and we are here to tell you that not all reception traditions should be continued

by Tami Wloch

Weddings, and wedding receptions, often rely heavily on tradition. And unfortunately, some couples continue to carry on unnecessary traditions while wedding planning because nobody has told them that they don’t HAVE to! Our in-the-know DJs at Toast & Jam have been to thousands of wedding receptions and we are here to tell you that not all traditions should be continued. In fact, I think some are downright cringeworthy.

Cake Smashing

On average, a bride will spend around $300 on her hair and makeup to look Insta-Perfect in her wedding pictures. The wedding cake can run from $400 to over a grand, depending on how elaborate it is and how many guests you’re feeding. I think it’s mind boggling that it can all be ruined in a matter of minutes due to an out-of-control, in-your-face (literally) cake brawl. Seriously, I’ve seen these things get really crazy really fast, and a couple’s wedded life of bliss should not begin with a chaotic act of confectionery violence.

Garter Retrieval

This weird wedding reception tradition stems from medieval times and it really should have stayed there, with other traditions like the torture chamber. Because honestly, watching this awkward display between a bride and groom can feel like torture. Really, Aunt Gertrude does not need to see her nephew with his face up his new bride’s dress on the dance floor, am I right? Totally fine to just save that for the wedding night. If you MUST “decide” who gets married next, perhaps buy a spare garter to toss, and leave the bride’s privates, well, private.

Silly Group Dances at the Wedding Reception

Yes, you definitely want all of your guests out on the floor dancing. BUT, that does not mean they need to be subjected to putting body parts in and out, and collectively shaking all about. Hiring an awesome wedding DJ will prevent the needless suffering of your family and friends on the dance floor. In fact, your wedding music should be unique and fun, just like you two. No Toast & Jam DJ will ever rely on silly dances like the Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, or any other cheesy gimmick that has guests looking like programmed robots. Instead, we will roll out an original blend of amazing music that keeps all generations out on the floor, doing their own thang.

For more great ideas about how to plan the perfect wedding reception entertainment, that truly reflects you as a couple, totally give us a call at 773-687-8833.

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