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Just the FAQs, Ma'am.

Please take a moment to read the answers to our most commonly asked questions. Still need more info? No sweat. Just give us a shout here or by calling 773-687-8833.

What is included in your services?

Our DJs provide music for cocktails, dinner and dancing and the basic sound equipment. We have a 6-hour minimum. Any additional time or special equipment will incur additional charges. Weddings and events more than 25 miles from our office will incur an additional travel fee.

Can we just give you a bunch of music to play?

We would love for you to give us your first dance song and your father-daughter and/or mother-son songs. That way we can ensure that we’re playing the correct version of your songs of choice (because the Etta James version of “At Last” is way different from the Stevie Wonder version - yeah, it exists).

And your DJ will also ask you to take a look at our song list and circle songs you like and mark out songs you hate. That will give her a good grasp of your likes and dislikes and then help her make educated music selections when it’s time to rock your dance floor.

Beyond that, we generally prefer that you give us the flexibility to read the dancefloor and select songs that will both jibe with your musical tastes AND get people dancing. You’re hiring us because we’re pros at this – we hope you’ll trust us to do a killer job.

Can we come to see you perform at a wedding?

Nope. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s just not fair to our brides and grooms to invite strangers to crash their weddings. We wouldn’t want that for our own weddings, and we’re guessing you wouldn’t want it for yours either. Also, we specialize in tailoring the events to the specific needs of the client. One client’s dream of an all gangsta-rap wedding could potentially be your nightmare.

All of our DJs have numerous references you can contact, and that will probably give you a better idea of what we are about. And of course you also get to meet your DJ specifically to make sure you click with them.

Can you do the music at our ceremony, too?

We’d love to, provided your ceremony and reception are at the same location (and by same location we mean under the same roof, within the same walls or generally on the same property). That does not include, for example, the park across the street or the church around the corner. Not to get too technical, but it’s a lot more complicated than just throwing up some speakers. We can also provide a mic for your officiant and readers! More questions about that, just give us a shout.

How will my DJ get people to dance?

Some DJs use props, games, line dances and gimmicks to get people on the dancefloor. We don’t do that. Instead, our DJs are experts at timing and reading the dancefloor. They know which songs play well into which songs and they can suss out which songs will do well based what guidelines you’ve given them and what the guests respond to.

I like dancing at clubs. Should I hire a club DJ for my wedding?

You could but you probably would rather have someone who’s actually DJed a wedding or several before yours, right? A club DJ probably isn’t going to know how to handle your introductions, your toasts and any potential wedding-related crises. At a wedding, sometimes those details can be as important as the music itself.

Do you use lights and disco balls?

No. You are spending a small fortune on linens, flowers, photography and the perfect venue. Ruin it with four chasing lights on a tripod? We wouldn’t dare.

We're planning to have a band for part of the night and only need you for the dance set? How does that work?

We’re happy to rock your guests into the night! But remember, we have to set up and sound check before any guests arrive. You wouldn’t want us lugging our equipment through your dad’s heartfelt speech or while your guests are enjoying their meal, right? Exactly. We’ll get everything set up beforehand, and then we’ll be ready to take over the dance set when the band portion is finished. Also, you probably need someone to coordinate introductions, toasts, announcements, or at the very least you will need a microphone, and that is where we come in. We do a lot more at an event than just spinning your favorite jams!

We want to incorporate ethnic traditions into our reception. Can you hang with that?

Absolutely! We are all about playing music that reflects who you are. If you want us to play a hora at your Jewish wedding, or if you need us to play a talota to greet the groom at your Hindu wedding, we’ve got you covered. Since a lot of these traditions are specific to families and even regions of the world, we would want your guidance to make sure that we are absolutely nailing it.

What kind of equipment do you use?

All Toast & Jam DJs use high-end equipment that can (and will!) create beautiful sound in any and all venues. We are fully digital and do not use vinyl. If you want the full details on equipment, you can get the rundown when you meet with your DJ - all the DJs own their own gear, so everyone’s rig is a little different.

Why shouldn't i just use my ipod at my wedding?

You totally could, but we don’t recommend it. Here’s a short list of why not:

An iPod won’t start itself, introduce the wedding party or announce the cake cutting, and it definitely won’t fix itself if there are technical difficulties.

An iPod can’t read the floor - it won’t know when it’s appropriate to cue the hip-hop or bring it down for a slow jam.

An iPod can’t cross-fade and beatmatch, so you’re going to end up with an awkward silence between each song, which is a trigger for people to leave the dancefloor to get a drink, go to the restroom or return to their table – not great for keeping the dancefloor going.

Sure, an iPod is cheaper. But it creates a ton of work for you, both before and during the wedding, and anyone who’s ever planned or had a wedding will tell you that you’ve got enough on your plate.

Leave the music up to us, not a machine.

What if my dj can't be at my event because of a car accident, alien abduction, etc.?

It would take A LOT…something huge and catastrophic. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us from getting to you (babe). But if an emergency strikes, we have quite a handful of DJs on staff, so one of our own would cover the event. If not, we are tapped into a network that can bring in back-up equipment or DJs in a jiffy.

We like you. What do you we do next?

Call, email or reach us through our Contacts page. You will then meet with your potential DJ and get to know her. From there, you would sign a formal agreement, give us a deposit and the date is yours! Easy peasy.

Quick Answers to More Commonly Asked Questions

  • We know how to beat-match, cross-fade and do all the magical musical things DJs do. We've got skills!
  • You get your own personal DJ from start to finish.
  • Yes, we have insurance.
  • We have lots of back-up equipment.
  • We dress like your guests (except your tacky Aunt Gertrude). No sequin vests or red tuxedos. We are fancy people.
  • Please cover our parking and food. We can't live on toast and jam alone!
  • Some venues require extra equipment or assistants. We've worked everywhere, so just ask.

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