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All About Wedding DJ Gear: What We Bring To Your Big Day

Your pals at, dare we say, the best wedding DJ in Chicago and discuss the wedding gear we bring to your big day to rock the house down.

by Mary Nisi

Dear reader, if you’re in Chicago, there’s no need to go back to your ‘wedding dj near me’ Google search – you’ve stumbled upon the best wedding DJ in the windy city and beyond!

Heh – we jest, but seriously – stay awhile! Let’s chat. If you’re in the market for a wedding DJ, you may be wondering what your prospective spinner will bring with them on your big day to ensure you and your wedding guests have a smooth and rockin’ experience.

Planning a wedding is like orchestrating an ultra-fun symphony of love, celebration, and unforgettable moments. And when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere for your big day, there's one element that can make all the difference: the music. But not just any music. We're talking about the kind that gets your guests grooving, fills the dance floor, and keeps the energy high throughout the night.

That's where Toast & Jam comes in. We know how to bring the beats and make your wedding reception a party that’ll live in your family lore for eons. We've got the skills, the style, and, of course, the gear to create a party experience like no other.

Let's take a closer look at the arsenal of equipment we bring to ensure that your wedding reception is nothing short of legendary. From the beat master behind the DJ booth to the sound systems that make waves – we'll uncover how Toast & Jam takes your wedding reception to the next level.

So, get ready to turn up the volume, feel the rhythm, and let Toast & Jam show you why we are the go-to choice for a wedding DJ experience that's as cool as you are.

The Power Behind the Party

Picture this: You've just exchanged vows, shared heartfelt speeches, and now it's time to let loose and celebrate with your loved ones.

The question is, how do you create an atmosphere that ignites the dance floor, brings smiles to everyone's faces, and leaves your guests with memories they'll cherish forever? The answer lies in the power of a skilled wedding DJ and the gear they bring to the table.

But what exactly does this gear entail? Let's take a closer look.

DJ Booth Essentials

Step behind the DJ booth, and you'll find Toast & Jam's DJs armed to the teeth with equipment to tear up the dance floor.

First up, mixers. These sleek consoles allow DJs to transition from one song to the next (or one decade to the next), or create cool audio effects.

Next up—high-quality headphones. With these headphones, our DJs can flawlessly mix tracks, cue up the next tune and keep the party flowing smoothly. It's the secret weapon for a flawless performance.

As far as speakers go, we have some sick equipment that we love to use to facilitate a fiery dance party. We do charge for bigger setups, but we keep it fair – and we’ll be sure to work the details out with you beforehand!


As an additional offering, we offer an open-air ring light photo booth service. Think about it – your guests are dressed to the nines and looking their best. Your photographer has been taking dynamite snaps of you and your loved ones all night - but what about silly shots? Fun filters?

We’ve got two Photobooth packages, and both include the following:

  • A Photo Booth Jockey (or a PBJ, heh, get it?) to help with setup, assist guests with taking photos, and to sanitize between group shoots

  • 2 x 6 digital photo strips

  • A digital gallery link

  • GIFs and Boomerang functionality

  • A selection of 10 patterns and fonts for your design

  • White backdrop

More than Masters of the Beat

Rest assured that we’re ready to rock the house on your wedding night – and make sure things stay smooth and organized.

We have great relationships with venues large and small in the Chicago area – and we keep a robust database of venue setup and requirements, so we’ll always show up ready to keep things running smoothly. We’ll coordinate with the photographer, the caterers, your wedding planner, and whoever else plays a role on your big day so the only hitch that comes up is your own nuptials!

Connect with the Toast & Jam team today!

We’re Toast & Jam, the best wedding DJ service in Chicago. We want to turn your wedding into a super-fun dance party that your friends and fam will reminisce over for years to come.

Sound cool? Cool. Fill out our short little contact form here so we can get a sense of your needs, wants, and desires - and we’ll go from there!

Bonus #1: Did you know that our DJ of DJs, Mary Nisi, has a pretty sick Podcast? It’s called All Up In My Lady Business. Mary, a working mom and entrepreneur, explores the fine line of having it all together – aaand losing her shit! She talks about running her business(es) and about how setting up structure in your day to day can create positive change in our careers and personal lives.

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