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Tips For Avoiding Wedding Fatigue Plus What To Do If Youre Double Booked

Toast & Jam Tips For Avoiding Wedding Fatigue (Plus, What To Do If You’re Double Booked!)

Is your calendar full to the brim with nuptial events for what feels like every friend, cousin, and roommate you’ve ever had? Are you worried about wedding fatigue? Fret not. Read out tips for staying engaged and present!

by Mary Nisi

Picture this: you’ve been invited to another wedding. Yay! Happy couples abound for you this summer.

Maybe it’s your college roommate or that one coworker from 2015. Either way, it’s nice to be included! You open your calendar to mark the date – and see that this new addition marks not one, not two, but THREE weddings in one weekend.

And even worse – two of them overlap. Not only is a scheduling snafu a hurdle in itself, but attending lots of weddings can feel a little same-y. The vows, the ‘cool’ DJ, the cake cutting, the same old traditions—it can all start to blur together.

Don’t worry though! At Toast & Jam, we've got a few tips and tricks to help you stay excited and enjoy each wedding like it's your first – even if you’ve seen multiple ‘I do’s’!

Dealing With A Wedding Overlap

Before we proceed to our tips on how to make the most of each nuptial event, let’s discuss how to deal with a wedding scheduling overlap.

It’s pretty common to have multiple social circles or to have individual friends that don’t really belong to any larger group in your life at all! Yet, what do you do when two of your close friends choose the same date for their wedding?

Simply put, unless the weddings are in different cities, you’ve now got two weddings to go to – and you need a game plan. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Let each friend know as soon as you can! Preferably over the phone or over brunch. If you’re able, try and strategize with them to see which portion of the event they’d most like to see you at.

  • Your best bet is attending the ceremony for one and the reception for the other. It could be dicey depending on the location, but if they know ahead of time when to expect you, it’ll usually be smooth sailing!

Figure your plan of action quickly. If you can’t attend, be sure to let the bride/groom know as soon as you do – preferably with lots of time before the big day! These scheduling conflicts can happen, but tackling it head on – with plenty of time to spare – will help keep all parties happy and satisfied.

Embrace The Love!

Now, let’s get into how to stay energized and entertained at multiple weddings!

Now, chances are that you both know and care about the person whose wedding you’re attending! It’s important to remember that each couple will have a beautiful and unique love story to share.

We believe that love comes in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds – and each wedding is a celebration of that diversity. Approach each wedding with an open heart and a genuine enthusiasm to take part in this momentous occasion!

Instead of letting your mind wander or going through the motions, be fully present in each moment. Listen attentively to the vows, observe the genuine emotions on display, and take in the small details that make the day special.

Plus, if you’re engaged yourself, attending multiple weddings is a fantastic way to take mental notes on your own upcoming wedding! From décor to food to general flow, it’s a great opportunity to see the event in action without being directly involved.

Make New Friends!

Now, we know that this part can be daunting for many people, but an easy way to stay present and engaged in the festivities is by getting to know your fellow guests!

Start small by interacting with the people at your table; ask how they know the happy couple and share your own story. It might seem like such a basic question, but that simple, age-old wedding icebreaker can easily expand into deeper conversation!

Plus, plenty of weddings will include fun games and traditions that bring people together. Have a laugh and let loose!

Cut Up The Dancefloor!

As your resident local DJ for a wedding, we have some experience with dancefloors – and how to tear ‘em up.

When dinner has been cleared away and the dancefloor activated, it’s your opportunity to appreciate your couple’s taste in music and how they like to get down!

If they’ve hired a good, cool DJ (like, say, your pals at Toast & Jam!) you’ll be in for a treat. Dance the night away and revel in the fact that your friends wanted YOU to be a part of this special time!

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