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Our Photobooths: What’s Included, How They Work, And Why They’re Awesome

We dive into T&J’s other wedding DJ services! We take a close look at our Photobooth services; what’s included, how they work, and why they’ll rock your socks off.

by Mary Nisi

Picture this: the night is in full swing: the speeches are done, vows have been avowed, delicious food has been eaten, dessert has been snarfed down, drinks are flowing, and the dance party is ragin’ hard. It’s time to get silly and have some fun!

Your guests are there for you - and they’re dressed to the nines and looking their best. Your photographer has been taking dynamite snaps of you and your loved ones all night - but what about silly shots? Group photos with Uncle Brad and the cousins? What about Snapchat-style filters?

As bomb dot com as your photographer will be - there’s something to be said about a photobooth set up for the fun shots, the vampy shots, and the glam shots.

Dear reader, it’s not just a customized, extremely bada$$ setlist, high-quality equipment, and the most intuitive and ingenious DJs on the planet that we provide through our wedding DJ services - we have extras. Lots of extras. One of which is our insanely popular and fun Photobooth.

Let’s dive into what’s included, how the Photobooth works, and why they’re extremely awesome and a must-have for your big night.

What’s Included

It’s not uncommon for other DJ companies to include Photobooths in their wedding DJ services, but many don’t provide any extra assistance with the photo technology and just leave the guests to their own devices to figure it out - that’s not our jam.

If there’s one thing about the Toast & Jam team - we want our clients to have a fabulous time and to want for nothing. We’re organized folks.

Our Photobooths always have an attendant who sets up, sanitizes between shoots, and generally ensures that guests know how to use it so they can get those fabulous shots while having a blast!

Our Photobooth Packages:

We’ve got two Photobooth packages: W.A.P (heh, it stands for Without Any Prints) and Prints & The Resolution.

Here’s what’s included in both:

  • A Photo Booth Jockey (or a PBJ) to help with setup, assist guests with taking fabulous photos, and to sanitize between group shoots

  • 2 x 6 digital photo strips

  • An amazing digital gallery link sent after the Big Day

  • GIFs and Boomerang functionality

  • A selection of 10 patterns and fonts for your design

  • White backdrop

Our Prints & The Resolution package also includes unlimited physical prints for your guests.

Photobooth Upgrades:

Our customers can also choose from the following Photobooth package upgrades:

  • Photo album guest book

  • Upgraded 4 x 6 physical prints

  • Upgraded backdrops - choose from super-glamorous sequin backdrops!

  • Custom frame design

How They Work

From a usability perspective, our Photobooths are open-concept, so all of your guests don’t have to smush into one little ‘booth’ - and they don’t take up much space!

The Photobooth actually looks like a life size pink lollipop with a ring around it, with a touchscreen tablet interface where your guests can select if they want GIF, Boomerang, or Photo Strip functionality.

Once your guests are done with their personal photoshoot, they can select the option to either print the photo (if you’ve selected the Prints & The Resolution package) or select the option to text to a phone number.

If they select the text option, they’ll receive a text message that says ‘Your photo is here’ and from there they can instantly save the photo to their device and share to social media! Easy peasy.

Bonus - all props are digital, so there’s no messy cleanup after and the germ-averse can rest assured.

Why They’re Awesome

As established, our Photobooths have instant social media sharing capabilities. They’re awesome for a quick IG or FB share and are an amazing little wedding favor.

Plus, consider that most wedding guests don’t get to see what few professional photos of themselves there are until after the photographer has submitted their work to the couple, and there’s not a lot of creative control over a dance-floor candid!

It’s time to add a little PB to your Toast & Jam.

The best part about these add ons and additions to our wedding DJ services? Photobooths instantly help create memories that live on forever. No waiting on the photographer. Your guests can capture fun, silly, and glam moments without the pressure of someone on the other side of the camera, and can take as many as they please.

Regardless of the package you select, you’ll get a link to a digital gallery after the night is over, so you can look at how much fun all of your loved ones are having and share it with whoever you like!

Want to learn more about our Photobooth services? Want to set up a chat? Fill out our contact form here so we can get a sense of your needs, wants, and desires - and we’ll go from there!

Bonus: We’re on social media! Here’s our Facebook, and here’s our Instagram. Happy scrolling.

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