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The Importance of Vetting Vendors How to Choose the Best Wedding DJ For The Big Day

The Importance of Vetting Vendors: How to Choose the Best Wedding DJ For The Big Day

The Toast & Jam team discusses the importance of vetting your wedding DJ properly and how to set yourself up for success with the selection process!

by Mary Nisi

Dear Reader, as astounded as it may sound – March is just around the corner and we can almost taste the approach of wedding season.

If you’re recently engaged and eyeing spring, summer, or early fall of 2024 for your nuptials – it’s time to get cracking with choosing your wedding DJ. As we’ve mentioned, oh, probably a thousand times – your entertainment is one of the most important (and most memorable) aspects of your wedding day.

Sure, your guests might remember the canapés, but they’ll definitely remember whether they felt the call to cut up the dance floor.

But before you frantically rush to our Google overlords with a thoughtful ‘wedding dj in my area’ query – it’s time to consider the importance of vetting your vendors, and how to do so!

Why Choosing The Right Wedding DJ Matters

It’s easy to get lost in the sauce with wedding planning – and it’s even easier to think that a wedding DJ for hire is just a DJ, and that we’re all pretty much created equal.

It’s easy to fall into this line of thinking – really, it’s not like you’re hiring wedding DJs frequently. So let us be the first to caution against that kind of thinking: choosing the right wedding DJ can make or break your big day. Here’s why:

Firstly, your wedding DJ is seriously gonna set the MOOD. Want your guests to feel blanketed in the happiness of your love? Have a blast at the wedding they took the time out of their equally busy lives to attend? Want them to dance, sing, sweat, and otherwise crush that dance floor with you and your new spouse?

You need a DJ. A good DJ. A DJ that will have the know-how and experience to effectively read the crowd while deftly managing the line between sticking to your preferences and playing the right songs at the right time to keep that dance floor shredding!

How To Vet Your Wedding DJ Like A Pro

Okay, okay, we’ve yarned on about avoiding the pitfalls of the ‘all wedding DJs for hire are the same’ mentality. Now it’s time for the granular granola. The actionable apples. Heh. Let’s get into how to actually go about finding and vetting your dream DJ.

  • 1. Do your research:

    Okay, now it's time to open Google and type in that ‘wedding dj in my area’ search query. This, or ‘wedding DJs near me’ will bring up the wedding DJs in your area that are closest to your physical location.

    Check out their websites, social media pages, and unbiased online reviews. You can find unbiased reviews through their Google My Business profile, Yelp, Yellow Pages, or through their vendor page on The Knot. Here’s Toast & Jam’s profile on The Knot, for reference!

  • 2. Make a shortlist:

    Once you’ve narrowed down a few top contenders, open up that Notes app and make yourself a shortlist. Connect with them to chat about their availability, pricing, whether they offer emcee services, and the sort of weddings they prefer (indoor, outdoor, casual, formal, etc).

  • 3. Book a discovery call:

    Upon connecting with a representative from the company, it’ll be then that you’ll want to schedule a discovery call. Your discovery call can be in person or over the phone depending on your preferences.

    A discovery call is key. It’ll be your chance to meet your potential DJ and see if ~the vibes~ are right between you two! Ask about their experience, their equipment, music knowledge (plus, if they’re familiar with your music tastes!), and their backup plan (super important).

    If the prospective DJ seems cagey about a discovery call, move onto the next. It’s not worth the headache for you to try and convince them to do their job properly.

  • 4. Compare notes and sign your contract:

    Once you’ve met with all of your DJs, do a little comparison analysis. Who did you connect with most personality-wise? Who has the most robust music knowledge? Who is the most prepared if they get lost at sea or contract a horrible cold?

    At this point, you’ll likely have a few contracts to review as well. Read it carefully and be sure you understand the terms before signing that dotted line.

The Core Takeaway? Don’t Settle

By now, you’ll have a good sense of WHY a good DJ matters, what to look for in a good wedding DJ, and how to get the vetting process underway.

Here’s our core takeaway, if you remember nothing else from our missive: Your wedding day is an iconic, once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves a great atmosphere – and a good soundtrack. From the ceremony to final farewells, a DJ worth their salt can enhance these moments with the right music, lighting, and effects.

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