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Whats Included In Our Wedding DJ Packages Anyway

What’s Included In Our Wedding DJ Packages Anyway?

The Toast & Jam team chat about our wedding DJ packages. We cover what’s included, what’s excluded, and how we work with you to ensure there’s no surprises.

by Mary Nisi

Now, dear reader, we hope you’re cozy, comfortable, and have a nice beverage of choice close by. Once again, we’re getting into the granular granola of our processes here at Toast & Jam.

You’ve likely had a peek at what our onboarding and coordination processes look like over at our other piece: The Toast & Jam Process: What To Expect From Your Wedding DJ.

In this piece, we’re going to get specific about how our wedding DJ packages are structured and what’s included in them!

Wedding DJ Package Inclusions

Let’s first cover the stuff that’s covered - heh. So, for weddings, we have a few price points to consider:

  • Off-season weddings: $2,275. Off-season weddings fall on any day between January 1st and the end of March.

  • Peak season on Fridays and Saturdays: $2,850. Peak season is from March to December.

  • Peak season on Sundays: $2,275. Although, take note that Labor Day and Memorial Day are billed at $2,850.

  • Newbie discount: $2,275 For our newer recruits, we bill our off-season rate no matter the time of year.

All of our wedding price points listed above are for a total of six hours of DJ performance, within 25 miles of our Chicago office.

For all other events that do not fall under wedding criteria, we bill at a rate of $1,200 for three hours. Got a corporate event coming up? Ask us for more details on how to get started!

Wedding DJ Package Additional Charges

Let’s talk about the exclusions. So, these aren’t necessarily extras, but may be required depending on how your wedding is structured. Think of them as things that can happen.

  • Travel fees. Anything over 25 miles from the Toast & Jam office in Logan Square will incur additional travel fees. Over a certain amount of miles, we’ll require lodging arrangements. Having a destination wedding in Cabo? We’d love to be a part of your event - inquire and we can figure out a rate that works!

  • Overtime. If we’re booked until 1:00am, the party doesn’t show signs of stopping, and you ask us to tack on more time - we bill for that, baby! Overtime can also be arranged beforehand - just ask us!

  • Extra equipment. We have some seriously baller, high-quality equipment laying in wait to facilitate a 🔥 dance party - which is included. However, we do charge for bigger setups, but we won’t nickel and dime it. We’ll be sure to work the details out with you beforehand!

DJ Assistant Criteria

An assistant is another great example of an additional service that may become necessary - although we’ll (of course) clear this with you in advance.

Proper wedding DJ setup is key. We’ll typically bring along a DJ assistant if there are are unique situations, like having the DJ up in a balcony or if the DJ will have a difficult line of site to the dancefloor - this is crucial, as an assistant will be instrumental in cueing the DJ for intros, toasts, and other wedding activities that require some tunes and sound!

Other reasons for an assistant may include a complicated setup or a significant guest count. Again, we’ll definitely chat with you about this beforehand so there’s no surprises.

Please feed us!

We can’t live on toast and jam alone! If we’re there for six glorious hours making your wedding dance party the most historical rager your family and friends have ever seen - we’re going to cultivate quite the appetite.

So, when the dinner plates roll out, save a plate for us!

We also kindly ask that convenient parking is made available to us at your venue - no one wants to lug heavy DJ equipment for half a mile, and arriving sweaty isn’t the best look.

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