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The Toast & Jam Process: What To Expect From Your Wedding DJ

The T&J team walks you through our process — from meeting your Wedding DJ during our discovery call to coordinating the timeline of your Big Day.

by Mary Nisi

Welcome, dear reader, to our process: nutshell style.

We’re excited to take you on a comprehensive journey through our onboarding process with our couples. As wedding DJs, We love getting down on the dance floor - and to the nitty-gritty.

Let’s start off by stating that we operate with a couple of core principles:

  • Building a relationship: Before you sign on that oh-so-proverbial dotted line, you need to get to know us. We want to get to know you. We want you to meet your DJ and have them be a part of your planning process; they answer any and all questions - and you know who your go-to person is from now until the last dance. We will always meet with you IRL OR over our BFF Zoom before we go to contract. Always.

  • Building a plan: We work with you to create the soundtrack of your dreams using our T&J Song List as a baseline - while still leaving creative license for our DJs to read the dance floor and keep people movin’ - but without the Cotton Eyed Joe (or whatever dancefloor napalm you want us to avoid).

Not only that, but we help with the logistical matters too. Ceremony timing, cocktail hour, and speeches - we gotchu.

We’ll expand on these core principles below. Let’s dive into the granular granola of it all:

We ask questions. Lots of em. Like, lots.

As established, we want to know what makes you you.

During our initial discovery call, it’s like Vogue 73 Questions - but without Anna Wintour’s severe bob and dirty looks.

We want to know it ALL. How you and your partner met, your hobbies, your favorite condiments, the origin story of your dog, and your taste in music of course.

We’ll also get looots of info on your wedding. Is there a theme? What colors have you chosen? Is there a cocktail hour?

This helps us paint a picture of who you are. If you live and breathe for Star Wars, there’s a chance you’ll want to hear some Duel of the Fates or the iconic Across the Stars - maybe synth-style. It’s all you, boo!

More than that, we’ll suss out as much as we can about the wedding proper - like how your food will be served, toasts, cake-cutting, any blessings, whether the cocktail hour vibes will match the dance set, and so much more. Believe it or not, this all really affects how well we can do our job. We all work together to make your event like a beautiful symphony, no part more important than the others.

Then, after our meeting and the contract signing - you’ll hang tight and take care of life and other wedding plans. Our DJ will contact you a month out to set up the final meeting and assign you some (very fun, we promise) homework. Then comes our favorite part: PARTY TIME!

We love to talk logistics.

Our work doesn’t end when the contract is signed - oh, no. There’s more to what we do than playing sweet tunes that keep the dancefloor ragin’ all night long. We really integrate ourselves into your planning process.

Your DJ is a part of a team with your other vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly for the wedding of your dreams. They work closely with planners, photographers, caterers, and videographers to confirm we are on the same wavelength regarding all the important details, like ceremony start time, cocktail hour location, and about where we’ll set ourselves up within the venue during these times.

We’ll also confirm whether your officiant needs a mic and make sure, y’know, your loved ones can hear the promises you and your partner make to each other as you start your lives together!

We also have the industry knowledge and years of experience to know that not everything is linear. Ceremonies start late and can run long, which means cocktail hour and everything else may have a delayed start - but we’re pretty flexible. We are experts at pivoting. Just don’t ask us to help you move a couch. Get it? It’s a Friends joke. Heh.

Your dancefloor, your way.

We love to talk music. Trust us, we are music nerds. We’re wedding DJs, so we should be!

We want to know all your favorite songs, guilty pleasures, must plays, cultural and family traditions, all of it!

We use our ingenuity and expertise to read the dancefloor and keep the vibes moving. We evaluate, what songs made your guests scream with excitement, who’s dancing (is Grandma doing the worm to some Motown, but your college bestie looks bored? Obviously it's Miley time) all while keeping an eye on what songs are special to YOU! Hitting multiple genres in a night is what we love and that is what our customers love about us too!

You know what else they love? They love that we ensure the photographer is in the room before we announce those special moments, or that we take note if any special person is in the bathroom before we announce your first dance. Like I said, we are team players and we are taking your wedding to the Superbowl. Or something. We don’t really get sports that much. Pickleball looks fun though.

Don’t be shy! Time to slide into our DMs (well, our inbox).

Most DJ companies assign a DJ a few weeks out before an event - there’s no coordination. No BFF Zoom calls. Kind of impersonal if you ask us!

Our unique process helps us ensure that we make this wedding DJ stuff as easy, as seamless, as streamlined, and as linear as possible. We want to make your wedding the literal talk of the town. A dance party so mind-blowing that your folks will be talking about it for years to come.

Sound cool? Cool. Fill out our short little contact form here so we can get a sense of your needs, wants, and desires - and we’ll go from there!

Bonus: We exist on social media! Here’s our Facebook, and here’s our Instagram. Happy scrolling.

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