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The Allure of An Autumn Wedding

The T&J team discusses why they love autumn weddings — and why their clients do too! Have a September or October wedding date? Don’t wait to book your wedding DJ — we’re booking fast!

by Mary Nisi

Dear reader, take a moment to really bask in the fact that it is well and truly Autumn in Chicago.

The leaves are bronzed and gilded, the air crisp, the apples fragrant, and the joy of that Harvest season palpable in the air.

What a picture! Fall weddings are among the most desirable times of year to get married. Incorporating Harvest or Halloween into your wedding’s theme, decor, fashion, and food is extra fun and extra easy.

In this post, your favorite team of wedding DJs want to discuss the allure of an autumn wedding and dive into just how busy we get over here at Toast & Jam!

Hint: If you haven’t booked your venue yet for that upcoming autumnal nuptial event - get cracking.

Mythbusting: The June Bride

We can’t speak for every vendor out there, but we can attest that while the months of June through October are certainly busy, October reigns supreme as one of the most desirable months for our Chicago clients to get married.

Let’s look at some quick stats:

  • In 2019, our last normal year, we had 105 events in September and 95 events in October

  • For perspective, In 2020, we had 14 in September and 10 in October

  • In 2021, as we caught up with rescheduled events from 2020, we had 100 events in September and 129 in October

  • This year, 2022, we are back to normal numbers again with 102 events in October.

It’s also worth noting that Saturdays are huge for weddings - especially on Halloween!

By comparison, we had 67 events this year in June, and that’s about where it stays each year. This isn’t a number to sniff at, by any means, but it just goes to show that 102 in September and 97 in October are categorically more desirable - and pretty busy.

If you’re looking for an off-season wedding, you’re better off booking between January and March.

Benefits of Autumn Weddings

From the mild Chicago temperatures, dependable weather, dark and dramatic color schemes, and the natural backdrop of that iconic Fall Foliage, there’s plenty to love about a fall wedding. Let’s dive into the details:


As established, Chicago weather is pristine and predictable during the fall months. Weather conditions are mostly sunny with temperatures ranging between 58° and 70° until the end of October.

This consistent weather makes it easy to plan your big event well in advance. Summer is gorgeous, but there’s always a higher chance of uncomfortably hot temperatures, strong winds, rainy days, and thunderstorms.


We LOVE a theme.

Although a lot of our clients may not actually want the full Edward Scissorhands set-inspired Halloween spread - that can easily end up looking like Spirit Halloween if not kept in check - although you do you, boo.

Our DJs have done plenty of Halloween-themed and Harvest-themed weddings - complete with jack o’lantern centerpieces and cornucopias. If that’s what you want, we gotchu.

Seasonal Menus

With the Harvest complete, Autumn weddings are a great opportunity to take advantage of local produce like squash, pumpkin, apples, cranberries, beets, and potatoes - to name just a few.

Plus, cider bars are huge right now - and make a killer piece of functional decor.


Fall weddings are a fantastic opportunity for your guests and bridal party to sport dark, moody colors like black, plum, maroon, green, burnt orange in honor of the death of the seasons - but it’s not all Scorpio vibes if you don’t want it to be.

Orange, yellow, spicy reds, and warm neutrals are excellent options for bridal party outfits as well as guest outfits. Have fun with it!

Bottom Line? Book Ahead!

If you know you’ll be married in the golden days of September or October, we recommend booking your venue and vendors as soon as possible.

We see it all too often; couples slightly desperate to book that Chicago wedding DJ too late in the game - and they’re left in between a rock and a hard place.

Entertainment is such a critical part of a memorable wedding, and the Toast & Jam team want to ensure you have the perfect night to remember - and that your friends and family will remember too.

Connect with the Toast & Jam team today!

We’re Toast & Jam, the most poppin’ wedding DJs in Chicago, and we want to turn your wedding into a super-cool, super fun dance rager! We know music, and we love to turn it up.

Sound cool? Cool. Realistically, September and October 2023 are not that far away. Fill out our short little contact form here so we can get a sense of your needs, wants, and desires - and we’ll go from there!

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