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The Formula For An Unforgettable Wedding

The Formula For An Unforgettable Wedding

The best wedding DJs in Chicago, the iconic Toast & Jam team, talk about the key formula for an unforgettable wedding – for you and your guests!

by Mary Nisi

Dear reader, it’s, dare we say, the best wedding DJs in Chicago here with you again. Grab a mug of something hot and cozy and let’s get into our latest missive on the T&J blog.

Look, math might be boring – but a good wedding will follow a good formula – an equation, if you will. Where X (love) plus Y (planning) equals Z (a day filled with lifelong memories – good ones!)

We’ve got a not-so-secret formula here at Toast & Jam, full of individual variables that, once combined, gives your guests a fantastic evening and you a smooth, once-in-a-lifetime event. Presenting the definitive equation for a great wedding: Entertainment + Food + Venue = An Unforgettable Celebration!

Let’s dive into each variable, and we’ll discuss actual action steps that you can incorporate into your wedding planning process today.

Variable #1: Entertainment

We’ll say it once – we’ll say it again: entertainment is what elevates your wedding from justanotherevent to something that will embed itself into your family lore for generations to come. Dramatic? Perhaps – but totally true.

Recent data from The Knot shows that almost 80 percent of couples say they wish they had bumped entertainment up to the top priority, and about the same percentage of guests say the entertainment was the most memorable part of their day!

A good DJ will help manage the flow of the evening and act as a Master of Ceremonies throughout – announcing you and your spouse, your wedding party, and any pertinent focus points, like speeches and toasts.

Choose your DJ wisely – you’ll want to pair with a team that does a detailed discovery process, has a few wedding DJ packages to choose from, and that keeps your music desires top of mind.

This usually means selecting a professional wedding DJ team, not your local club DJ. Club DJs, while they have their place, can sometimes lack the experience needed to keep guests happy, read the tone of the dance floor, and generally make sure people are enjoying themselves.

Variable #2: Food

In most cases, couples will have their wedding meal provided by a caterer or by the chef staff of their chosen venue.

It’s important to liaise with either an event coordinator (or equivalent) through your venue or directly through your prospective catering company about dietary requirements, the amount of heads to expect for your wedding meal, presentation preferences, and menu selection.

Usually, a mix of appetizers, a main meal, and delicious desserts are the way to go – you don’t want to stuff people, but since your guests will be hanging with you for at least 4 hours on your wedding day – feed them well!

Variable #3: Venue

When it comes to your venue, there are a ton to choose from in Chicago – but you’ll want to select a location that aligns with your preferences, your budget, and how your wedding day will be laid out.

Consider if you want your venue to be outdoor or indoor – or both. Do you want an intimate spot or a huge ballroom? Rustic or modern?

Also keep in mind accessibility. If you’ve got a massive guest list, maybe a large venue in a central location with plenty of parking is best.

Lastly, make sure your venue can accommodate the services and facilities you need for your big day. Check if they have in-house catering and bar services, décor services, and wedding planner services – a good venue will be happy to provide you with all the information you’ll need to make your choice!

Do Your Research!

With all of your vendors, be sure to do a little research and compile a shortlist of potential vendors.

Look for objective reviews on their Google My Business page, The Knot, Wedding Wire, and social media. Reviews are a great way to get a fairly clear picture of the team you’ll be working with – and what other people in your shoes liked/disliked about them.

As it happens, we’ve got a pretty snazzy review repertoire, take a look at all the love we get from our amazing clients over on The Knot Vendor Marketplace here! Want to set up a discovery call? No sweat, all you need to do is fill out our easy online contact form, and we’ll take it from there

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