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The Benefits of a January Wedding

The Benefits of a Winter Wedding

by Mary Nisi

Dear reader, it’s our pleasure to welcome you to a brand new year! It’s now officially 2023, and the professional wedding DJs at Toast & Jam team are up and at ‘em after a sleepy holiday break, and we couldn't be more stoked to keep the blogs coming.

Now, onto the show! We recently covered the benefits of an autumn wedding, but now it’s time to shift gears to a more snowy subject: winter weddings!

We’re not sure about you, but when we think of winter weddings, gorgeous snowy backdrops, cold-kissed faces, lodges, hot chocolate, dancing like crazy and roaring hearths immediately come to mind.

Yet it’s more than just these cozy vibes that make winter weddings an ideal for plenty of couples. Let’s dive into a few key benefits of the oh-so-glam winter wedding.

Increased Venue and Vendor Availability

We’ve got three words: Everything Is Cheaper.

That’s the bare bones of it, really. While it’s obviously not a guarantee for absolutely everything, you’ll find that most venues and vendors will have scores of availability – and most will offer off-season rates.

Plus, we know that finding a good DJ for a wedding is extremely important – and a little easier when booked in January or February. For the Toast & Jam team, this is a quiet time for gigs (but a super busy one for future leads), so your odds of getting your dream date with us are that much better!

Gorgeous Snowy Backdrops

As we say, the snowy après-ski vibes are truly immaculate this time of year. When you get a little more rural, the slurry filled streets are replaced by pristine snowy hills and gorgeous sunny days.

Bonus? A fresh layer of snow really makes for an absolutely stunning photo. From glamorous side profiles to wide angle shots of you and your partner – it’s the definition of classic.

Plus, jewel tones, browns, blush, silver and gold, and old-school black and white are absolutely stunning for a winter wedding.

Lower-Cost Accommodations

In the same vein as vendors and venues, it’s super worthy to note that lodging rates tend to be waaaay cheaper during the winter months.

Consider that from November to March, people just aren’t traveling as much. The weather tends to be rougher in most states, and those who do travel are headed to the balmy south. More room at the inn for you and your near and dear!

Plus, it’s not just hotels either. Short-term rental companies like AirBnb and Vrbo will generally be a few doubloons cheaper as well. If you’ve got a smaller guest list, renting a few cabins or a lodge is not only cost-effective – it’s super cozy.

If you’re looking to stay at a hotel, call well ahead of your ideal wedding dates to reserve a block of rooms!

Pro tip: Room blocks function a little differently than just renting a room through the hotel’s website or over the phone. Typically you’ll meet with an events manager or similar to discuss the size of your event and the number of rooms you’ll need, they’ll set aside your desired number of rooms under your name, and then they’ll provide you with either a special booking code or booking link that your guests can use to book their discounted rate!

Guest Calendars Are Less Packed

How many weddings are you going to in June? July? October? Exactly. Likely more than one, if we’re willing to hazard a guess.

More than that, how many events in general have you had to balance during the busy warm months? Sure, it’s amazing having such a social scene – but we’re willing to bet that you’ve had to decline an event or two that conflicted with another already in your schedule. Womp womp.

In the winter months, people tend to move around less. After the heyday of holiday parties have passed, there’s not much on tap for blue January and frigid February. Why not give your guests a treat to look forward to? Your wedding will stand out as the highlight of an otherwise ho-hum time of year!

The Bottom Line:

A winter wedding has just as many benefits – if not more – than a moonlit night in midsummer. Plus, really, the weather can be just as unpredictable! Who’s to say you won’t get a spot of rain or a super-windy day in the summer?

Plus, the holidays are cuffing season, so it makes sense that plenty of folks have Facebook Official anniversaries coming up during the first month or so of the year. It’d be pretty cute to come full circle and get married close to or on that date – just sayin’!

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