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End Of Year Roundup — Tidbits and Tales From The T&J Team’s 2022 Weddings!

by Mary Nisi

Now, dear reader, gather ‘round the proverbial fireplace – it’s time to send 2022 off with a look back at how the year has been for our toasty team.

As the end of 2022 approaches, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the tidbits and tales that have made this year so special. Yet, before we dive into all the juicy details from our wedding DJ team's weddings, we also wanted to share some of the other exciting happenings and achievements we've made as a company.

So sit back, grab a jammy piece of toast and a nice cold glass of oatmilk, and get ready for a trip down memory lane as we round up the best moments of 2022 at Toast & Jam.

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Titillating 2022 Tales and Tidbits:

Elevated dance floor energy!

“I've had more than one bride this year who was a professional dancer in some capacity (either owns a studio, or studied dance in school, zumba teacher, etc) and this has upped the standard for my dance floors FOR SURE!” – DJ Alli Klein

Who needs footwear, anyway?

“I had a funny thing happen at Lincoln Park Zoo - the bride's shoe got caught while she was walking down the aisle and since she couldn't get it free she just laughed and left both shoes behind.” – DJ Tabitha Boorsma

A prehistoric Lebowski

DJ Norah had a very non-traditional wedding/couple in August. It was a Big Lebowski themed ceremony, featuring a Dude-ist monk (IYKYK). JUST the ceremony however, since the reception changed over to a dinosaur theme! Really, anything is possible!

Fly Away Ring

DJ Norah did a wedding where during the Father/Daughter dance the Bride’s ring flew off her finger and no one noticed except Norah. She quickly found it and saved the day!

You get a scratch ticket, you get a scratch ticket, we all get scratch tickets!

DJ Kate has a client who had hidden scratch off tickets under the chargers at their place settings. During dessert, Kate told everyone to lift up their plates and tell them all to look under their plates. The bride won $20 and Kate even won $2!

New Venue Spotlight:

New venue shout-out alert: A friend of Toast & Jam, Annie Coleman of Living Room Realty, is opening a retreat in the Driftless region of Wisconsin, and it is, if we do say so ourselves, baller as hell.

They’ll be opening for weddings in the spring, so if you are looking for a destination wedding in the beautiful midwest, click here!

The Tasty Toast Takeaway

Well, that's a wrap on another fantastic year at Toast & Jam! We want to give a big thank you to all of our amazing wedding DJ clients for making 2022 such a smashing success.

From the hilarious dance floor antics to the heartfelt speeches, we've loved every minute of being a part of your special days.

We can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for us, and we hope you'll join us on this wild ride when it’s time for you to tie that knot.

Here's to more tidbits, tales, and unforgettable moments for 2023. Cheers!

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