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February 4

The Wedding DJ Can Truly Make or Break the Reception: Choose Wisely!

Your wedding DJ plays a huge part in the overall success of the wedding reception! Here’s what a fabulous DJ SHOULD do to ensure an awesome event from start to finish (and why you’ll notice if you hire the wrong one).

by Tami Wloch

There is so, so much planning involved in preparing for your wedding day. After all that work, you want the big day to go off without a hitch, and you want to be able to enjoy it along with all of your guests. Your wedding DJ actually plays a huge part in the overall success of the wedding reception! When you look back on your reception, you may not remember who sat at each table or what the cake tasted like. But you WILL remember the vibe of the room and how much fun your guests had. Here’s what a fabulous wedding DJ SHOULD do to ensure an awesome event from start to finish (and why you’ll notice if you hire the wrong one).

The DJ Coordinates the Whole Evening

You may have assumed that a wedding DJ simply shows up, plays some music and then leaves at the end of the night. NOPE! A Toast & Jam DJ will create an experience for your guests, and will seamlessly weave all of the evening’s segments into one spectacular event. From setting the mood during the appetizers, through dinner, cutting the cake, the couple’s first dance and the raging party to follow, we will work to make sure the night proceeds flawlessly so the happy couple can relax. Even if you have a planner the DJ is the one executing all of this, so they need to have their head in the game. The cheaper you go with a DJ, the less involvement they tend to have in the execution of the event, which puts more responsibility on the couple to keep things moving. And really, this should be your time to chill and enjoy the night!

The DJ Keeps Guests Entertained and Involved

No, we’re not talking about doing worn-out line dances like the chicken dance or Macarena. DJs that rely on those gimmicks don’t have the skills necessary to make your day really special. It’s the difference between DJing A wedding and YOUR wedding. Your celebration should be awesome and unique, just like you are as a couple, and our DJs understand that guests these days do not want to stand in a circle flapping their arms like fools. Instead, we combine a mix of classic and current songs, some well-known, others maybe more eclectic. But the result is always a massive crowd pleaser. We have made Grandmas dance to some crazy stuff over the years (we know how to read a room!).

The DJ Helps the Couple With the Planning Details before the Wedding Day

Before the day of the wedding, your personal Toast & Jam DJ will sit down with you and discuss how you want the day to go down. They will get to know your personality and what kind of music really moves you so they can create an amazing playlist that represents you, while keeping your variety of guests happily grooving all night long. They will also discuss any special requests and review the timeline for the evening. As a bonus, we have worked at most every major venue in the Chicago area, so we are familiar with many of their planners and the common issues that might need to be worked out ahead of time. Just think of us as part of your support team for the big day!

The wedding DJ is an important job! So you need to have the utmost trust and confidence in who you decide to work with. Toast & Jam does more than just provide good wedding music – we are responsible for the complete enjoyment of your guests throughout the event and we totally take on that role with confidence. We want to hear from you! Call us at 773-687-8833 to learn more about why our DJ service rocks so hard.

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