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March 4 blog Rev

Unique Venues to Host Your Amazing Wedding Reception

For those looking for a unique venue to celebrate their big day (like you!), we’ve got some great ideas you’ll want to check out.

by Tami Wloch

Chicago and the surrounding ‘burbs have so much to offer in the way of amazing event spaces. When seeking out the perfect spot for your wedding reception, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a gorgeous banquet hall. In fact, many couples prefer this more traditional option. But, for those looking for a unique venue to celebrate their big day (like you!), we’ve got some great ideas you’ll want to check out.


If there’s one thing Chicago has a lot of, it’s museums (and bars, but let’s not get distracted). And while they are fascinating and informative as a visitor, we’ve seen them become seriously incredible when they become your reception location. Celebrating your love alongside famous works of art or cool dinosaur skeletons is sure to leave a lasting impression on family and friends.


Who knew that your dream wedding could be held in the same place where things are fermented? Well, I’m here to tell you - it can! In fact, a brewery can provide a totally fun and classy backdrop for a rustic, modern wedding reception. Plus, craft beer is ALL the rage these days so your guests will appreciate the beverage selections over the standard draft you’d probably get at typical banquet hall.

Garden Locations

If you’re going for ambiance, you really can’t go wrong with a wedding reception in the middle of a flower garden. Of course, this is Chicago, so you have to be willing to take a risk on our wonderfully unpredictable weather. But the payoff is really spectacular pictures! And I happen to know that some venues will even offer the option of a tent in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Bonus!

Zoos or Aquariums

If your guests are party animals, they will certainly appreciate one of these unique settings – and we’re not lion (ha!). But in all seriousness, what could be better than celebrating with some penguins or stingrays in the background? A zoo or aquarium can actually provide quite an elegant and original environment and some pretty amazing memories.

This Last Point is Super Important

No matter how awesome or unique your venue is, you NEED an amazing DJ to ensure that the night runs smoothly and guests are happy and having fun. I would be extremely upset if I dropped a boatload of cash on a museum wedding, only to have the guests totally bored by the music. But that’s why couples LOVE working with Toast & Jam! Our DJs do not mess around when it comes to superior wedding entertainment. We are here to make sure you and your guests totally enjoy your celebration and we are not satisfied until everyone is out on that dance floor. You know you want to hear more – call us at 773-687-8833 and we’ll tell you.

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